Tower Block Stencil Detail

Mystic Brew Wheelie Bin

Mercury or Crucifix?

I spent ages looking at this - it just fascinated me.

I guess it shows which way my perception's slanted, that I saw the Mercury symbol before I saw the Crucifix.

Then I noticed how the cross is emphasized, and that the circle doesn't join the cross at the top. It seems more likely to me now that it's intended as a crucifix, with a graceful halo, and diabolical horns.

I wonder what "HT YC" stands for.

Located on Royal Park Road, on the block of student flats behind the pub. It's about eighteen inches above the ground.

Stencil Face

Located on Ebberston Place, Leeds 6. It's silver paint, which isn't obvious from the photo.

Update: It's been cleaned away. (3 May 2009)

Under the Cover of Darkness

Located under the window of the 25 Spaces shop, which used to be Bookside.

At Some Point in this Conversation You Will Lie

I noticed this on my way to Oblong.

Stencilled a bench on Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, at the junction with Rampart Road.

We Are the Same Energy

Part of a security barrier. Photo taken at the bottom of Clarendon Road, Leeds, between Swarthmore Centre and the nice humpback bridge leading to St. Georges Church and Crypt.

Assume the Position

I nearly walked past this one, but stopped for a double-take. Ouch.

It's one of the oddest pieces of graffiti that I've ever seen, alone on an stark concrete wall. Perhaps there's a flourishing community of old-school corporeal punishment enthusiasts in Hull. I'm not sure I want to know.

I found this stencil-work at the River Hull Tidal Surge Barrier, near The Deep aquarium. According to the file name, it was taken on the 1st of July 2004. I wonder if it's still there...