Carol's Final Countdown

That's it, then. Carol Vorderman has done her last Countdown. She'll be missed.

So they wheeled out Giles Brandreth for a Countdown retrospectacle with Rick Wakeman, Keith Barron, and other dictionary corner regulars before rocketing into TV hyperdrive by bringing on Carol's Mum! Bless. It was all very emotional, and poor Carol burst into tears at the end. So would I if I was offered a £900k pay cut.

Here's my favourite Countdown moment, snapped from my very own telly-box just last year.

I remember Carol trying her very best not to laugh as the letters came out.

I suppose what makes Countdown so special (Made? Will the new girl be as good?) is the level of viewer engagement in the show. There aren't many game shows where you can really pitch yourself against the contestants on screen, and score your own performance. It's the complete opposite to Deal Or No Deal, which is more like stuffing opium in your remote control.