A scan of an old mixed-media piece. The yellow parts are slighty damaged.

Wax crayon, oil pastel and cheap acrylic paint on light grey card.
Approximately 5 inches square. 1996.


A scan of an old piece from 1996, approximately A4 in size.

The figure is cut from black card, and the glyph upon its torso is made from aluminium foil. The background is bright yellow card painted using shellac-based inks from Windsor and Newton. (Nowadays, I often use such inks to glaze masks.) Also some highlights of white oil pastel.

The Barefoot Doctor

I made this collage as a get-well card for a sick friend.

Monster Eyes Collage

A lot of my collage pieces are made as birthday cards, so they end up being given away before I can take a scan of them. Doh! I caught this one before it escaped in an envelope.

It was made for friend who is an Urban Explorer and a huge fan of cheesy horror.