Glastonbury Haiku

Festival chill-out.
A worn-out juggler drinks tea
In a crazy chair.

For Orde, outside the Ladybird at Glastonbury Festival 2009.

Slip Hazard

an impromptu cordon around a banana skin in a muddy field

Step away form the banana, sir.

This was in the Green Futures field at Glastonbury Festival 2009.

The King of Pop

Festival rumour
That no one wants to believe...
Is he really dead?

Glastonbury Festival 2009.

Plain Clothes Operatives

Graffiti reads: plain clothes drug dealers in operation

The perimeter fence at Glastonbury Festival, at an out-of-bounds-area behind Shangri-La.

There's some speculation that it was by Banksy, but I couldn't care less.