Hawesome? Surely that's not a real word...?

Look! The Goodyear Blimp!

Photo of a Goodyear blimp above rooftop

Ahh, how long I've waited to utter those words and actually mean them.

One of the celebrated Goodyear Blimps was flying over Wetherby this afternoon. I'm not sure what the occasion was, but one of my colleagues noticed it from the office window. I couldn't resist running out into the street to point at the sky and deliver the infamous salutation with gusto.

Getting a halfway decent photo was another thing. It was a zippy little blimp, and it kept turning away. Perhaps it was camera-shy, or spiralling out of control.

Airships are fucking cool.

Ringmaster Macpherson's Diabolo of Death

Diabolo toy packaging, showing Andrew in a harlequin outfit.

We held a Secret Santa at work, and look what I got - my very own product prototype!

One of the web designers took a cheap diabolo and doctored the packaging with the now-legendary harlequin outfit photo.

I am chuffed to bits with my present, and I can't bring myself to remove it from the packaging. Diabolos I can obtain anytime, but this is a work of art.

It suffered a few knocks on the journey pub-crawl home, which lends an extra gnarl of authenticity. Like the last one left in Poundstretcher.

Bonus points for cutting the dirty green wellies out!

Astonishing Fractal Animation

Over at Vimeo, someone called teamfresh has produced an astonishingly high definition journey into the depths of the Mandlebrot set. It's about 10 minutes long, so fetch a cup of tea (or perhaps a mild cigar), fire up the HDTV, sit back and enjoy.

8-Bit Trip - Astounding Lego Stop-Motion

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Quite simply stunning. It's all done in Lego bricks - 1500 hours of work!

(Youtube, via Laughing Squid.)

Cool Yellow Pickup

Yellow pickup truck with  Manga-style girl's eyes, painted on the side

Revolt BMX - Atilla Bike Parts

Wheelie bin with stencil art of a mob uprising, advertising Attila Bike Parts.

Proletariat BMX Boys of the world unite! We who have tasted the tarmac, shall rid the world of the borgois-dérailleur elite!

Orange & Blue Woman

By Replete.

Captain John's Mermaid Meat

An old-fashioned shop-style mural advertising Mermaid Meat - fresh daily

Update: I took a better photo on a clearer day. (26th May 2009)

Subway Monster

SABRE - Unleash the Force Within You

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Yep. It's good.