Hyde Park

The Hyde Park area of Leeds.

Frog Detail on Pickup Truck

A frog painted on the tail end of a pickup truck.

Cool Yellow Pickup

Yellow pickup truck with  Manga-style girl's eyes, painted on the side

Nude on Gate

By Replete.

Nude on Gate

Graffiti artwork; a futuristic nude on some iron gates.

I was lucky enough to encounter Replete while he was working on this piece. We chatted for a bit, and he kindly showed me his workbook.

Replete's pieces start off as a pencil sketch, then the colour gradients and fancy transparent overlays are done using computer apps. By the time it comes to painting on the gate, he's using his spray-cans to match the digital art. It's complex, and the effect is well worth the effort.

Titch is a Bitch

Green Hearts

Maxi's bin

Revolt BMX - Atilla Bike Parts

Wheelie bin with stencil art of a mob uprising, advertising Attila Bike Parts.

Proletariat BMX Boys of the world unite! We who have tasted the tarmac, shall rid the world of the borgois-dérailleur elite!

Monkey with Gun

Monkey with Gun (detail)