Hyde Park

The Hyde Park area of Leeds.

Sabretooth Tiger Catching Fish

Lady Luck

Lady Luck, complete with lucky accessories. Four-leaf clover, lucky 8-balls, a horseshoe and... a monkey wrench?

Located on Brudenell Avenue, on the side wall of Booze Bin. Part of a larger artwork.

Booze Bin

Blue Skull

Booze Bin Mural - left side

Sorry, Respect

This is in a narrow alleyway that joins Back Kensington Terrace to Ebberston Place. I took the photo with a Motorola L4 phone, and couldn't focus. The alley is so narrow that I could barely manage to get the whole graffito in the frame.

Mystic Brew Wheelie Bin

Loki Graffiti

Mercury or Crucifix?

I spent ages looking at this - it just fascinated me.

I guess it shows which way my perception's slanted, that I saw the Mercury symbol before I saw the Crucifix.

Then I noticed how the cross is emphasized, and that the circle doesn't join the cross at the top. It seems more likely to me now that it's intended as a crucifix, with a graceful halo, and diabolical horns.

I wonder what "HT YC" stands for.

Located on Royal Park Road, on the block of student flats behind the pub. It's about eighteen inches above the ground.