Hyde Park

The Hyde Park area of Leeds.

Daisy Bin

Yellow monogram on Green Bin

Glowing Letters

24 PT written on the side of a wheelie bin.

The lettering is very striking, quite like the kind used in 1990s horror TV shows.

Yellow Spiral on Wheelie Bin

Anyone for Cricket?

Cricket stumps spray-painted on a wheelie bin.

During the summer it's quite usual to see kids playing cricket in the street, using a wheelie bin for stumps. They do make a very satisfying "thump" when someone is bowled out. This is the only wheelie bin I've seen which actually has the stumps painted on, and it's been moving around a bit - sometimes in the back alley, sometimes in the middle of the road. Owzat?

Red Mongram on Green Bin

A red monogram spray-painted on a green wheelie bin.

This tag is kinda cool. It looks like an old fashioned monogram, or perhaps a sigil in the manner of Austin Osman Spare.

I think it says GIN, but it could say GIANT for all I know.



Jenny & Phill

Amber & Choo