Ladybird Project

The Ladybird Project is a Leeds-based community arts project which I'm proud to be involved with. It's a big red marquee full of interesting activities, workshops, performances, arts and crafts. It goes to loads of festivals and other places bringing big smiles to everyone's faces. Go visit their website, and tell them I sent you...

Ringmaster Macpherson's Diabolo of Death

Diabolo toy packaging, showing Andrew in a harlequin outfit.

We held a Secret Santa at work, and look what I got - my very own product prototype!

One of the web designers took a cheap diabolo and doctored the packaging with the now-legendary harlequin outfit photo.

I am chuffed to bits with my present, and I can't bring myself to remove it from the packaging. Diabolos I can obtain anytime, but this is a work of art.

It suffered a few knocks on the journey pub-crawl home, which lends an extra gnarl of authenticity. Like the last one left in Poundstretcher.

Bonus points for cutting the dirty green wellies out!

One Life - No Shame

Andrew wears a black and white, diamond pattern, skin-tight, all-in-one suit.

One morning, I got up late and all the fancy tailcoats had been claimed by the other clowns. The only things left were a few waistcoats and some over-sized tie-dye pantaloons. Tie-dye? Fat chance! My only ray of hope was a skinny little harlequin suit at the bottom of the trunk.

"You'll never fit into that", they scoffed, with breakfast porridge running down their chins. "We've all tried."

When I wear this I feel like a villain from Batman, so I'm looking to accessorize with a utility belt and electro-gauntlets. Perhaps some crazy goggles, and a discreet anti-matter pistol. Then Gotham City will know my name, and tremble.

Mark my words: electro-gauntlets.

Update: This photo has been remixed into some amazing product packaging!

Glastonbury Haiku

Festival chill-out.
A worn-out juggler drinks tea
In a crazy chair.

For Orde, outside the Ladybird at Glastonbury Festival 2009.