Royal Park School

Royal Park School (in the Hyde Park area of Leeds) has a graffiti wall. It's a little bit different everytime you walk by.

Damage Boy

A sad looking boy. Damage has been written on his shirt.

By the look of it, I'd say the word damage was added later, but it goes well enough with the look on the kid's face.

I love the way the hands are drawn like clenched fists; I remember how he feels.

So Long Cynical

So Long Cynical

A sticker on the railings of Royal Park School, opposite the front of the Royal Park Pub.

Update: (17/4/2008) It turns out to be the name of a band. I found another sticker on a wheelie bin, and they're on MySpace.

Taken Friday 20th March 2009, about 4pm.


Graffiti art - a bald scientist with big green spectacles. The lenses say HA HA.

ZUME - Royal Park School

ZUME - graffiti tag

Town Crier

Sharp Cut

Graffiti art - a young man with a sharp haircut

Dust 3

Graffiti tag - Dust

Dust 2

Graffiti tag - Dust

Dust 1

Graffit tag - Dust

Royal Park School - Graffiti Wall

An older view of the whole of the graffiti wall, taken from across the field towards Howden Place, on the 24th May 2004.

You don't see a view like this anymore. A multi-use gaming area, or "muga" was built, together with railings for the pathway, which now partially obstructs the view of the wall.