Motfu Never Forgets!

Poster with drawing of a fat elephant, standing upright, holding its belly.

La Merde est dans la Rue

Sticker depicting anarchist reads: La Merde et dans la Rue

What if it was your world falling apart?

two wheatpaste posters of crying children, on a brick wall

The URL leads to the United Nation's World Food Programme website.

Luke - sexy

Yuzo Yamamoto & the Awesome St. Marks Buddies

Yuzo Yamamoto & the Awesome St. Marks Buddies

Don,t You Understand?

Which part of no menus or flyers don,t you understand?

One frustrating thing about living in Leeds 6 is the bewildering number of take-away menus that get delivered to our homes. Take-away establishments outnumber the dead around here, and so fierce is the competition for student moolah that menus are dropping through our letterboxes several times a day. Pizzas, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Morrocan, and something called a chimichanga... you can have it all in Hyde Park. Many of us just take the menus for granted, but I suppose it can all be a bit too much for some.

What I like about this sign is the way that DON,T is written with a comma instead of an apostrophe. It kinda made my day, seeing that. Genius.

Pigs Came

An aborted piece of graffiti, barely started. A note explains pigs came.

A cheeky little bit of scrawl, spotted in Little London.

Stop this seasonal madness

Small painting of a rat, dressed as Santa, at the base of a dustbin in Leeds.

Santa Rat says:

Stop this seasonal madness. Go home and eat chocolate.

Update: It's gone... somewhere. Santa-Rat was painted on the inner part of the bin, which I suppose gets swapped out for another whenever they are emptied. Perhaps he's gone to another bin! (1st Feb 2010)


God Save Strawberry Jam

Stencilled grafitti reads: God Save Strawberry Jam