Time to Waste

Time to waste is stencilled onto lots of the wheelie bins along this alley.

Thug Life

Thug life? No! Hug Life! It's a shame that the sticker gets in the way.

May the Force

Be Nasty

Graffiti reads: Be nasty

Nice lettering. The trident-styled letter Y is a lovely flourish.

Update: (5th May 2009) It's be cleaned away.

So Long Cynical

So Long Cynical

A sticker on the railings of Royal Park School, opposite the front of the Royal Park Pub.

Update: (17/4/2008) It turns out to be the name of a band. I found another sticker on a wheelie bin, and they're on MySpace.

Taken Friday 20th March 2009, about 4pm.

No War

Sit Down, Get yourself a Cuppa

Sit down, get yourself a cuppa... tell me does it matter what colour the kettle is?

I couldn't agree more.

Does She Spit Or....

Does she spit or does she swallow?

Swirly Bird

Lucky North X

Lucky North X