The Usual Suspects

3 pieces of art on a brick wall.

Pogger, Ché and Kosy the Crackhead.
On the side of Bikology shop at Hyde Park Corner.

Viva La Revolucion

Stencil art of a bearded man in a beret, wearing a Ché Guevara t-shirt

Tucked in the entrance to Moor View, between the Chichini café and Bikology.

What if it was your world falling apart?

two wheatpaste posters of crying children, on a brick wall

The URL leads to the United Nation's World Food Programme website.

Make Stencils Not War

Make Stencils Not War, stencilled on the side of a dog-fouling bin

Revolt BMX - Atilla Bike Parts

Wheelie bin with stencil art of a mob uprising, advertising Attila Bike Parts.

Proletariat BMX Boys of the world unite! We who have tasted the tarmac, shall rid the world of the borgois-dérailleur elite!

Monkey with Gun

Monkey with Gun (detail)

Hey Cupid

Silhouette of Cupid with bow, stencilled on a brick wall

God Save Strawberry Jam

Stencilled grafitti reads: God Save Strawberry Jam