Street Art

Motfu Never Forgets!

Poster with drawing of a fat elephant, standing upright, holding its belly.

La Merde est dans la Rue

Sticker depicting anarchist reads: La Merde et dans la Rue

The Usual Suspects

3 pieces of art on a brick wall.

Pogger, Ché and Kosy the Crackhead.
On the side of Bikology shop at Hyde Park Corner.

Viva La Revolucion

Stencil art of a bearded man in a beret, wearing a Ché Guevara t-shirt

Tucked in the entrance to Moor View, between the Chichini café and Bikology.

Damage Boy

A sad looking boy. Damage has been written on his shirt.

By the look of it, I'd say the word damage was added later, but it goes well enough with the look on the kid's face.

I love the way the hands are drawn like clenched fists; I remember how he feels.

Yuzo Yamamoto & the Awesome St. Marks Buddies

Yuzo Yamamoto & the Awesome St. Marks Buddies

Orange Woman

Graffiti art - an abstract/nude woman, in orange and sienna.

Another one from Replete, by the look of it. This piece has existed since at least early November 2009, but I didn't get a good photo until today. It's done over the top of his Orange and Blue Woman.

Auto Graf

Van with custom graffiti-style paint job, depicts Jack Skellington

Autograf (great name, heh) are Leeds-based artists who produce graffiti paint jobs for cars. I spotted their van loitering near the Blue Coyote.

There are more art cars on the Autograf website, including a rather hawesome graveyard-themed hearse, perfect for disposing of Goths.

Stop this seasonal madness

Small painting of a rat, dressed as Santa, at the base of a dustbin in Leeds.

Santa Rat says:

Stop this seasonal madness. Go home and eat chocolate.

Update: It's gone... somewhere. Santa-Rat was painted on the inner part of the bin, which I suppose gets swapped out for another whenever they are emptied. Perhaps he's gone to another bin! (1st Feb 2010)

Nude on Gate

By Replete.