Saucy Sam's Super Squirters

Graffiti-style artwork on the steel roll-shutters of a sandwich shop.

Couldn't resist that headline. A mural on the shutters of Saucy Sam's sandwich shop on Burley Road.

I don't know about you, but the thought of a curvy, doe-eyed ketchup-squirting babe doesn't half make me want a bacon and egg sandwich. Plenty brown sauce on mine, please.

The five-star banner motif at the top is kinda cool.

Update: A better photo (15/12/2008)

Update: The business has changed hands, and it's now called Dee's sandwiches. The art is still there, thankfully. (15/3/2010)


Saucy Sam's
78 Burley Road
Leeds LS3 1JP
United Kingdom
53° 48' 13.5324" N, 1° 34' 3.6192" W