Drupal Science Camp

Last weekend I went to Drupal Science Camp for some open-source goodness, and I took the space suit along (you know, just in case).

Our venue was terrific - Napp Pharmaceuticals kindly allowed us to use their brand new office building at Cambridge Science Park. The interior turned out to be ultra-futuristic, a perfect opportunity for a cheesey sci-fi photo shoot. So on Sunday morning, I got suited up and put some blue face-slap on. Lots of attendees wanted their photos taken with the infamous Drupal Space Man!

Afterwards, Stefan helped me out by taking these photos. I'm thrilled to bits with the results, even though my helmet was on a bit squint.

We're releasing these images under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 License - the same license used for Drupal's online documentation.

Photoshoppers... do your worst!

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