The Usual Suspects

3 pieces of art on a brick wall.

Pogger, Ché and Kosy the Crackhead.
On the side of Bikology shop at Hyde Park Corner.

Dalek Invasion of Austria

Large steel chess king sculpture

On the way home from Austria, I encountered a Dalek. Well, not really, but I got an enormous fright all the same. Standing guard outside the departure gates is an enormous iron chess king, some 20 feet tall. I'm fairly sure it wasn't there last time.

A plaque at the base reads:

Gerhard Moswitzer
Corten - Stahl

Ringmaster Macpherson's Diabolo of Death

Diabolo toy packaging, showing Andrew in a harlequin outfit.

We held a Secret Santa at work, and look what I got - my very own product prototype!

One of the web designers took a cheap diabolo and doctored the packaging with the now-legendary harlequin outfit photo.

I am chuffed to bits with my present, and I can't bring myself to remove it from the packaging. Diabolos I can obtain anytime, but this is a work of art.

It suffered a few knocks on the journey pub-crawl home, which lends an extra gnarl of authenticity. Like the last one left in Poundstretcher.

Bonus points for cutting the dirty green wellies out!

Viva La Revolucion

Stencil art of a bearded man in a beret, wearing a Ché Guevara t-shirt

Tucked in the entrance to Moor View, between the Chichini café and Bikology.

The War on Takeaways Continues...

Two skull and crossbone warning signs: no menus or flyers!