What if it was your world falling apart?

two wheatpaste posters of crying children, on a brick wall

The URL leads to the United Nation's World Food Programme website.

Damage Boy

A sad looking boy. Damage has been written on his shirt.

By the look of it, I'd say the word damage was added later, but it goes well enough with the look on the kid's face.

I love the way the hands are drawn like clenched fists; I remember how he feels.

Yuzo Yamamoto & the Awesome St. Marks Buddies

Yuzo Yamamoto & the Awesome St. Marks Buddies

Don,t You Understand?

Which part of no menus or flyers don,t you understand?

One frustrating thing about living in Leeds 6 is the bewildering number of take-away menus that get delivered to our homes. Take-away establishments outnumber the dead around here, and so fierce is the competition for student moolah that menus are dropping through our letterboxes several times a day. Pizzas, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Morrocan, and something called a chimichanga... you can have it all in Hyde Park. Many of us just take the menus for granted, but I suppose it can all be a bit too much for some.

What I like about this sign is the way that DON,T is written with a comma instead of an apostrophe. It kinda made my day, seeing that. Genius.

Pigs Came

An aborted piece of graffiti, barely started. A note explains pigs came.

A cheeky little bit of scrawl, spotted in Little London.