Stencil Face

Located on Ebberston Place, Leeds 6. It's silver paint, which isn't obvious from the photo.

Update: It's been cleaned away. (3 May 2009)

I'm Not Sorry

On the corner of Brudenell Grove and Royal Park Road

Unapologetically Pink

Under the Cover of Darkness

Located under the window of the 25 Spaces shop, which used to be Bookside.

Saucy Sam's Super Squirters

Graffiti-style artwork on the steel roll-shutters of a sandwich shop.

Couldn't resist that headline. A mural on the shutters of Saucy Sam's sandwich shop on Burley Road.

I don't know about you, but the thought of a curvy, doe-eyed ketchup-squirting babe doesn't half make me want a bacon and egg sandwich. Plenty brown sauce on mine, please.

The five-star banner motif at the top is kinda cool.

Update: A better photo (15/12/2008)

Update: The business has changed hands, and it's now called Dee's sandwiches. The art is still there, thankfully. (15/3/2010)