Carol's Final Countdown

That's it, then. Carol Vorderman has done her last Countdown. She'll be missed.

So they wheeled out Giles Brandreth for a Countdown retrospectacle with Rick Wakeman, Keith Barron, and other dictionary corner regulars before rocketing into TV hyperdrive by bringing on Carol's Mum! Bless. It was all very emotional, and poor Carol burst into tears at the end. So would I if I was offered a £900k pay cut.

Here's my favourite Countdown moment, snapped from my very own telly-box just last year.

I remember Carol trying her very best not to laugh as the letters came out.

I suppose what makes Countdown so special (Made? Will the new girl be as good?) is the level of viewer engagement in the show. There aren't many game shows where you can really pitch yourself against the contestants on screen, and score your own performance. It's the complete opposite to Deal Or No Deal, which is more like stuffing opium in your remote control.

Pink Spider

A bright pink plastic spider toy

A pink plastic spider which lives on a mantlepiece, upstairs at the Adelphi, pictured here on the sleeve of my denim jacket.

Out Of My Tree

Out Of My Tree is an environmental and community arts exhibition, to be held at Holy Trinity Church in Leeds. I'll be there telling tree-themed stories in the evening, on Wednesday 26th November.

Update (9th Nov): I've received further details of the event to pass along...

"Out Of My Tree"

Artists and permaculturalists relate the beauty and wonder of trees.

Holy Trinity Church
Boar Lane, Leeds, LS1 6HW

24th-29th November 2008

1-5pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
2-5pm Tuesday and Friday
11-1pm Saturday.

Workshops and talks programme

Tuesday 25th

"Reclaim Christmas" Tree decoration workshop on 2.30-4.30pm.

Wednesday 26th

"Straw bail house building" talk by Zac Solomons, 3-3.30pm.
Learn more about sustainable housing.

"Edible Cities" talk by Niels Corfield, 4-4.40pm.
Proposal on how to make the city more productive by transforming redundant spaces.

Story writing workshop 7-8.30pm
Tree-themed storytelling & open mic night 8.30pm-12pm.
Donations on the door. Tea and cake.

There will also be a Plant Sale and information displays about local environmental projects.

Come and play throughout the week.

More Info

Visions of Terror!

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Oh man. This is really scary. hehehehehe.

Happy Samhain!

Update (9th nov):
More details at

Leeds Coliseum Theatre

The old Coliseum concert hall is about to re-open as the Leeds Academy. About time, too.

The flood-lighting cycles through lots of colours, changing every few seconds. I took some snaps whilst it was bathed in red, purple and orange.