Domino Mask

A masked man, looking rather dapper but doubtless up to no good, judging by the cross-hairs.

I took this photo a while back, on the 29th November 2007. Located in the Little London area of Leeds, among the tower blocks.

Oblong Documentary

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A short documentary about the very magical Oblong Resource Centre, where I volunteer and help out with IT stuff. I think it does a lovely job of showing the people and ideas that go together make Oblong so special. But then I would say that... 'cos I'm in the film. Enjoy.

Autumn Haiku

Rainy autumn night.
The busy crossroads outside.
I'm glad I met you.

Plasticine Zombies!!!!!!

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Two of my favourite things in the whole world... Morph was never as good as this!

The attention to detail in the Goths' house is wonderful. I love the picture hanging above the settee and the spiky, flowerless plant.

The blood-squirting scenes are amazing, and must have taken hours to set up. I especially like the part where the Goth has her hand chopped off.

This is crying out for a sequel. If you can't wait, there's more on Takena's YouTube channel...

I recommend "Chainsaw Maid".

Knife in Silhouette

A knife stuck point first in a table

A fruit knife stuck in a table, looking way cool in the night. Nothing else gets your point across quite like a dagger thrust into a table.

We had a little place for making tea in the Unity Base tent, where the comms people were. I was still hanging around after all the crowds had gone, too wired from the excitement of the day to even think about going home to bed. My pals had all gone to Wendy House but I couldn't face that either, so I hung out at Unity Base and carried on helping with odd chores. Odd, like lugging a heavy transformer box across a muddy field in the rainy night. Things like that.

I was chatting with one of the field stewards when we saw how the knife had been left in the table. I'm quite pleased at how the photo came out, though it took me a few goes at lining it up.