Cylon Emoticons

I've invented a Cylon emoticon...


Left bracket for the domed head
Vertical bar for the roving eye
Left angle-bracket for the long narrow face

Okay, so it's not as cool as the LEGO Steampunk Cylon...

Update: (12/4/2009) You can use a right angle-bracket for the old-style centurions... (|<

Update: (15/4/2009) Oh, the pedantry this has started! Some, ah, friends have told me that since the new-style centurions have a V-shaped eye-slot, the emoticon should really be like this... (>=

And what's more, I have apparently failed to account for the crest on the top of the old style centurions, and a hyphen is now required... -(|<

I don't care any more. The series ending was a cop-out. The Cylons didn't have a plan after all - it was God what done it. Bah.

Dj Elblag

This is the best post i've ever read!
dj elblag - dj na osiemnastke

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