Season Words

the season word should
give a sense of where and when
the shit hits the fan

Today is the first day of autumn, so here's a "seasonal" haiku.

I found some haiku scribbles, probably from about this time last year, and finished this one off. It's an attempt at meta-haiku — a haiku about haiku, if you'll pardon the pretension.

Look! The Goodyear Blimp!

Photo of a Goodyear blimp above rooftop

Ahh, how long I've waited to utter those words and actually mean them.

One of the celebrated Goodyear Blimps was flying over Wetherby this afternoon. I'm not sure what the occasion was, but one of my colleagues noticed it from the office window. I couldn't resist running out into the street to point at the sky and deliver the infamous salutation with gusto.

Getting a halfway decent photo was another thing. It was a zippy little blimp, and it kept turning away. Perhaps it was camera-shy, or spiralling out of control.

Airships are fucking cool.

Motfu Never Forgets!

Poster with drawing of a fat elephant, standing upright, holding its belly.

La Merde est dans la Rue

Sticker depicting anarchist reads: La Merde et dans la Rue

Flower Power Jeans

Red and black hipster jeans with a floral print.

Look at these little beauties I have for you... just look at them!

I found these in a delightfully scuzzy second-hand shop yesterday. The same place that the silver sequined waistcoat came from. I'll see if I can get some action shots for you sometime.